Tips On Overcoming Erectile Dysfunction Without Medications

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As man ages, there are numerous changes in the body that occurs particular performance-wise like hitting a baseball, running fast, or bashing a tennis ball at similar spin and speed, and of course sexual function. Fortunately, even as sexual performance decline with age, there are still many ways to enjoy life and have an active sexual activity even at prime years.

There are several causes for erectile or sexual dysfunction. While medications are helpful, some of these drugs can trigger to cause erectile dysfunction. Majority of men with erectile issue is due to complex factors such as triggered by vascular disease, prostate-related surgeries and treatments, diabetes, neurological disease, etc. Regardless of whether you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction at present, or avoid of developing in the future, the tips below can be useful to maintaining better health and active sexual life.

Also note that using a penis pump particularly the new models like Bathmate hydro pump can be helpful for men with erection issues.

1. Maintain Regular Physical Activity

The CDC has recommendation for adult physical activity, and Harvard University study found 30 minutes of walking everyday is helpful in cutting risk of erectile dysfunction by up to 41%. Other research also suggests performing moderate exercise regularly can help restore sexual function and performance in middle aged men with ED, and who are obese.

2. Proper Nutrition

Eating right is a key to good health and help reduced risk of erectile dysfunction. Maintaining a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, fish, whole grains, as well as less or no consumption of refined grains and highly processed foods have been found to be helpful in reducing risk of ED according to a study back in 1994. It is also important to note that deficiency in Vitamin B12 can also increase risk and contribute to ED. Hence, taking a daily multivitamin along with fortified foods can be helpful for people who have poor Vitamin B12 absorption, and that include older men.

3. Check With Your Doctor On Vascular Health

Vascular health is vital to overall health condition and sexual function. Among the leading causes of ED includes vascular health issues such as high blood sugar and pressure, high LDL cholesterol, and high triglycerides. These not only affect sexual health and function, but can also cause severe health condition like heart attack and stroke. One of the causes why these condition occurs is due to weight gain, or overweight, and obesity. Check with your doctor regularly to make sure you’re vascular health is in good shape.

4. Lose Weight and Eliminate That Belly Fat

Overweight or obesity is a major health risks, and cause many health issues as mentioned. So, make an effort to stay healthy by losing weight. Being able to lose weight is one effective way of treating and avoiding erectile issue. In addition, when you lose weight and melt away to those belly and abdominal fats, penis starts to look bigger and longer as hidden part of it under the fats begin to re-surface. In fact, you’re fat man reading this article and interested in increasing the size of your penis, lose weight. It’s one of the truly non-invasive penis enlargement technique you can implement.

Furthermore, being overweight or obese increases risk of developing cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. And, guess what… both of these are major contributor or trigger for erectile or sexual dysfunction in men. Excess fat inhibit hormones that can eventually worsen ED>

5. Develop A Strong and Well-Balanced Pelvic Floor Muscles

Strong and well-balanced pelvic floor muscles are key to strong and good quality erections as well as gaining full ejaculatory control. Men who are experiencing premature ejaculation need to develop a strong and well-balanced pelvic floor muscles. These group of muscles are also key to achieving good quality erections and ED prevention. Kegels exercise is a very popular exercise included in the penis advantage program that you can implement on a daily basis. This strengthen the pelvic muscles and it’s easy to perform once you know which muscles to contract.

In fact, this is the easiest exercise as it can be done anywhere…at home, while driving, and work. A British clinical trials found Kegels exercise work a lot better than just making positive lifestyle changes. So get into it, and if you combine it with other penis exercise routines, you will not only gain better erection quality, but bigger penis size, as well. Kegels exercise is also an approved penile health therapy. In fact, Urologist Andrew Siegel created an advanced Kegels program called Private Gym, which is available at if you’re interested.

These are the 5 natural ways on how to prevent or reduce risks of developing erectile dysfunction. In addition, be careful on taking natural or herbal-based male supplements if you’re taking medications for ED as there might be interaction. Talk to your doctor prior to taking natural supplementation.

There are also devices that can help not only when it comes to size enhancement, but for improving blood flow to the penis. However, it is a good idea to start with healthy lifestyle shifts and do penile health exercises like Kegel prior to using a device like a traction extender, or penis pump previously mentioned.

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