Penis Size Matters – An Infographic Presentation Based On Poll Results Conducted From Women’s Point Of View

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This infographic is based on poll results conducted on women who have been asked about penis size and other related penis questions. The survey in which this infographic was based upon is not the latest, it was conducted back in 2000. However, there are subsequent surveys that women tend to favor bigger penis size.

In fact, if you ask women secretly about it, penis size does matter. Of course, if you would ask it online, you could get mix results and reactions about it. Try to ask women in your area or women you meet in other places, and you’ll know what I mean. But be careful not ask it aggressively as you might violate their rights, if you know what I mean.

Fortunately, increasing penis size is a possible thing to do, you just have to put some effort with it. And, with the right penis enlargement program and routines, it can be achieve.

Penis Size Matters


What Women Say About Penis Size?

Well, I think there is enough evidence that size matters. If you don’t believe it and haven’t experience it, it’s difficult to justify. However, for someone who experience a truly small penis and able it to grow bigger, the real feeling is evidence and it’s not a matter of perception anymore.

Of course, for someone who is well-endowed…say possessed an over average size above 6 or 7 inches, enlargement may not be ideal. However, for majority who are less-endowed possessing only 4 inches and below when fully erect, enlargement can be very interesting and helpful. Truly, when one is able to grow it up to 5 inches and above(which is possible through continuous effort), it does matter. It not only improve stimulation, but performance, as well.

Yes, it’s true the most sensitive part of a woman’s vagina is located on the first inches into the entrance. But the longer you stimulate it and bigger the penis, it can be stimulated a lot better. For her, it’s an amazing experience.

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