Penile Curvature Affects Intimacy To Some Degree

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There are a lot of questions regarding penile curvature and how it can affect sexual intimacy to some degree. The truth is, majority of male penises have a slight curvature that points upward or downward, and right or left. If you have one that is slightly curved but has no apparent discomfort, don’t worry as that slight curvature of the penis is normal.

On the other hand, there are a few men who have a perfectly straight penis when erect. There are only a few and majority you will see and probably most of your neighbors, friend and colleagues got a slight curvature. Even yours truly has a slight curvature that points upward. In my case, I take this slight curvature on my penis as an advantage. As we know and I hope you’ve heard it before, female G-Spot is located right at the pubic area but it can only be access through vaginal penetration. So, when the penis is slight curved upward, it has the tendency to hit and stimulate your partner’s G-Spot.

Another important note about penile curvature, as man ages the penis points lower and lower, but it should not be a problem as long as there’s no pain associated with the curvature. On men that accumulate the degree of curvature over a period of time, this is a different story. Curvature, usually above 30 degrees is a condition known as Peyronie’s Disease and pain is associated with it. If you have this curvature along with pain, it’s highly suggested to consult with you urologist.

Penis Curvature Effects

Common Solutions To Curved Penises

When you have Peyronie’s Disease or curvature of the penis that is associated with pain either during sex or intercourse, the condition is treatable. All you have to do is go to your urologist and ask about what you can do to correct the curvature.

Normally, device known as traction device can be use to correct the penile curvature in a non-invasive manner. Traction penis extenders as they’re known widely are also use for increasing penis size. In fact, using a traction device is another good complement with penis exercises outlined within the penis advantage guide for either penile curvature correction, or achieving a bigger penis size. Speaking of penis exercises, there is a recommended penis exercise routine within penis advantage guide that deals specifically with a curved penises.

In most cases, when one performs consistent penis exercises designed for curvature issue, it can be corrected eventually specially if used along with proper penile traction system that is aimed towards curvature correction like the Peyronie’s Device. The system comes with several treatment plans ranging from simply curvature correction purposes, to a more complete treatment plan. You can check their treatment plans offered at their OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

Peyronies Device Treatment-Plan

Recently, FDA approved the first drug that can help men with Peyronie’s Disease. So, there are several choices when it comes to non-invasive penile curvature corrections. Sadly, in cases when curvature is extremely extreme and induce a lot pain, surgery might be the only option. The cost is more expensive than non-invasive solutions, but it can definitely ease the pain and can help correct the curvature.

After the operation has been carried out, there might a slight shortening of the penis due to the operation as explained in this video along with various frequently asked questions associated with Peyronie’s Disease.

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