Eastern Medicinal Herbs That Are Also Helpful For Men With Erectile Issues

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Majority of men experience a decline in their erection quality, and sex drive with the exception of the few who take their time implementing and performing penile health maintenance through various penis exercises, and even with the aid of certain devices like a traction penile extender. In the U.S. alone, there are approximately 30 million men have issues on their sexual function, particularly with erection quality in which the medical society refers to as erectile dysfunction.

Modern medicine, however, discovered and formulated medications that tackle the erectile dysfunction issue such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and probably among new ones available as of this writing. Sadly, these medications while it offers great results they’re not for a long-term solution as one has to use it every time when engaging sexual activity. Not to mention the cost associated with these medications. Cheaper alternatives are available such as opting for eastern herbs that have been proven to improve sexual health in men, and even in women, but on this article, we’ll just be covering men’s.

These herbs are widely available in supplementation form. Hence, it’s easy to obtain and take them as needed or according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. One important thing to consider prior to taking any supplementation with naturally potent herbs such as these mentioned below, it’s only a supplement. To achieve long-term and permanent sexual health improvement, one has to think and consider substantial changes towards a healthy way of life. Even taking medications like viagra has limitations and restrictions, and so do with supplements.


Tribulus Terrestris

The active compounds of Tribulus Terrestris are found on its leaves and fruits, both of which widely used as medicines in China and India. It has been found to improve erection quality, boost sex drive and male fertility, as well. While these benefits have been historically proven by people who have used it for a long time, modern science proved the benefits are real, and more researchers are to be performed in the future. Tribulus At Amazon

A study found it releases NO(nitric oxide), which is very essential to improving blood flow resulting to an improved erection quality. It also helps boost natural production of testosterone, DHEA, and luteinizing hormone.

Most users of Tribulus Terrestris are body builders and athletes. The majority of those who used it reported an increased breast size when taking high dosage as it converts testosterone to estrogen.

Eastern people have been using it as medicine for centuries. However, western medicine is yet to document its safety through research and clinical trials. Today, Tribulus Terrestris is widely available in supplement form, which you can easily obtain from online stores like AMAZON.



Ginseng is an adaptogen that boosts the body’s ability to handle environmental, emotional and physical stresses. Adaptogens are well-studied and documented when it comes to their safety. References 123

There are several varieties of ginseng but we’re only covering panax ginseng also known as the Korean red ginseng, which according to study shown to improve male sexual function specially those suffering from erectile dysfunction. Panax ginseng is also included on creams formulated for premature ejaculation like the Cream Delay.

One study examined the effects of Panax Ginseng on men with ED found those men who received 900 mg taken at 3 times per day for a period of 8 weeks have significant improvement than those who took the placebo.

However, there are some men after taking ginseng experience insomnia or difficulty in sleeping. Among other rare side-effects include increased heart rate and blood pressure level. On the other hand, reducing the dosage can help prevent experiencing the side effects.


Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali has been nicknamed the Asian Viagra as reported by New Sunday Times back in 1999 in Malaysia. Tongkat Ali grows abundantly in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Tongkat Ali Extract

It has been used as erectile dysfunction treatment and boost libido and sexual stamina. It has been thought to boost testosterone level, which is also known as the male sex hormone.

It is true that testosterone is the male sexual hormone, but it also has numerous other functions essential to health including lean muscle development, cardiovascular health, boost energy levels, and among many other functions. It even help in feeling good mood. Just as with Tribulus Terrestris, Tongkat Ali is also used by body builders to help build lean muscles. and strength.

Tongkat Ali is a potent herb and taking too much of it can result to restlessness, anxiety, and difficulty sleeping. When you experience any of these when taking Tongkat Ali, try to lower the dosage until you get just right.

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EPIMEDIUM (Horny Goat Weed)


The Chinese have been using this herb epimedium also known as horny goat weed not only for erectile dysfunction treatment, but for increasing libido, or sex drive, as well. Epimedium is believed to work as a natural phosphodiesterase inhibitor similar to ED medications do. It blocks enzyme causing blood flow restriction. Moreover, one study found using epimedium effective for treating erectile with fewer side effects compare to prescription medications.



Schisandra is a berry cherished in the East by Taoist members and Chinese royalty. It has been used since the early Chinese civilization and an important part to the Chinese medicine just as ginseng. Consuming it regularly is an effective sexual drive booster. Taking Schisandra helps in boosting sexual stamina and production of seminal fluid resulting to intense orgasms.

A Friendly Reminder

These are just a few of the many naturally potent herbs helpful for boosting sexual prowess. In the future, we’ll be covering more of these sex-boosting herbs that can be found on other parts of the globe, particularly in South America. One popular herb in South America is MACA, which is also well-researched and found to be safe and effective.

Always keep in mind, supplementation is meant to supplement something, and when it comes to better erection and sexual boost, it means supplementing penis exercise routines. Another thing to keep in mind and it’s important you don’t get tricked by marketers out there, supplements don’t make your penis size bigger. It’s the physical stimulation that causes the penile growth or gains, and supplements are just for speeding up the process.

If you rely on supplements alone, you’ll be disappointed if your main goal is to achieve a bigger penis. Plus, never neglect practicing and living a heatlhy way of life. There is no substitute to that, and just like physical stimulation or exercises, it should be a priority and never to rely on supplementation alone. Supplements provided you’ve chosen the proven ones allows you to speed up in achieving your desired results.

Supplements are not meant to be taken alone, and you read this again from me because it’s very important to realized this fact. Taking supplementation without prioritizing health and wellness, and that includes all kinds of exercises plus healthy eating habits won’t make supplements provide the desired results they’re supposed to do. Supplements simply support your healthy lifestyle to make the most out of it.

Do I Need To Take Supplement For My Entire Life?

I guess this is a very common question especially that when it comes to supplements in involved financial costs. The short answer, and provided you’re serious about taking back the full control of your health because if you’re healthy, sexual health follows… NO! You don’t need to take it for your entire life. What supplements do is kickstart the results where you want to be. This is why very important to prioritize health and wellness because sexual health depends hugely on the body’s entire health condition.

Hopefully, this article provided a good insights and somewhat a wake-up call to those who are looking for shortcuts when it comes to penis size enhancement. Yes, penis enlargement is very possible, but you have to work for it, and supplements can’t do much size increase for your penis if you don’t do the work. However, if you do the work and put serious effort on it, taking supplements could somewhat skyrocket your results.

Everyone is different. So, don’t expect your results is the same as your friend because even though you have similar goals an motives, your efforts may have huge disparity.

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