Meet’s Creator and Goals Of This Website

Brian Keeney (GirthPluscom)

Hello, I’m Brian W. Keeney, the creator and webmaster of this website. It is beyond my knowledge to create a fancy website. As you may noticed, this website has been as simple as it can be. I’m simple guy who work normally in an office environment where I’m surrounded by gorgeous women.

So, it’s not ideal for me to be a shy man, otherwise, I’ll be alone left in one corner. Yes, I’m an active guy and since I was 16 years old(while I was in high school), I was already talking and meeting gorgeous women. Of course, there was no physical contact at that time, if you know what I mean.

Ever since I’ve reached puberty period, I’m been asking myself if my penis size would ever grow bigger. Of course, I’ve learned later in life that a lot bigger like 8-inhces and above could be an issue. However, at the age of 18…mine was under 4.5 inches, and although I’ve read a lot of research online and even on magazines that size does not matter, it is not always the case when it comes to actual performance. And, in addition to my below average penis size, I had issue with premature ejaculation. So, I keep looking for ways and I’ve stumbled on lots of forums online that are very helpful in solving, but the information given on these sources are somewhat unorganized.

Until, one day… I’ve found the penis advantage program. Initial impression, I thought it was a scam. However, due to my firm decision and goal to grow my penis to over 5 inches with full erection, I get into the program. As as described here, it is an awesome guide. It is not an eBook, but online guide to penis enlargement utilizing proven exercises and routines for both beginners and advanced users.

The truth is, the contents inside the penis advantage members area are not only for enlargement purposes, although majority are. There are specific penis exercises routines that target penis health and overall male sexual health improvement and performance including erection-boosting exercise routines, premature ejaculation related routines that can help a man last longer and perform better in bed.

As a matter of fact, just recently, Urologist Dr. Andrew Siegel released a guide on Kegels and how men can benefit it to their sexual health. In the past, Kegels exercises are known to help women, but now it has been proven to help men, as well along with other basic penis exercises like stretching and jelqing.

Let’s face it and I have to admit, the information presented in this website is not for everyone. However, I know for sure, there is a huge demand for it and a lot of men are looking for ways to get better sexual health and performance. And, additionally, there are also lots of guide out there, but no guide is complete as the penis advantage program. This is based on m personal experience and the results I’ve achieved.

Yes, there are other more expensive program out there such as Big Al’s male enhancement coaching program and DLD’s Matters of Size, but for someone like me who wants to get it done on my own, penis advantage is the a great option. As you can see in this penis advantage members area virtual tour, it has an easy to browse navigation and the routines are well grouped from beginners to advanced and specialized routines, as well.

Lastly, I’ll be setting my social media accounts specific to this website, so you can follow what’s shared on Facebook and Twitter through

Best Regards,
Brian Keeney